They are completely free and all you need is a free Udemy account to enroll in this online training course. By the way, you would need a Pluralsight membership to join this course which costs around $29 per month or $299 per year (14% discount). I highly recommend this subscription to all programmers as it provides instant access to more than 7000+ online courses to learn any tech skill. Alternatively, you can also use their10-day-free-trialto watch this course for FREE. This is the best docker course available at Pluralsight. In this course, the instructor dives deep in a docker container and tries to explain every necessary concept.

  • The Docker container supports Linux and Windows, and the Docker tools and APIs can be used to make highly responsive and useful web applications.
  • We offer learning material and practice tests created by subject matter experts to assist and help learners prepare for those exams.
  • They are better than experienced people from the same domain.
  • He has bagged Docker and can deliver the best technology to our trainees.
  • Learners need to possess an undergraduate degree or a high school diploma.

As such, some questions in the DCA exam will check your knowledge of commands, command options, and shortcuts. Image Creation, Management and Registry carries about 20% weightage of your overall mark in a DCA test.

Case Study 2: Managing and improving storage access

It is divided into eleven modules, each containing video lectures. These modules include concepts such as docker networking, docker images, docker storage, and volume, docker-compose, docker swarm, and security. Moreover, there are two more related courses with this course containing practice questions. Although the course covers all necessary docker concepts the author primarily focuses on creating and running docker containers. Other important concepts covered in this course are docker images, docker-compose, and docker swarm. Secondly, candidates also wind up utilizing containerized applications for adopting new structures and tools. Moreover, they can also commission/decommission applications at your own desire.

docker certification associate

This holds true for host networking namespace as well. C. Because they are using the host networking namespace, two containers are able to bind to the same TCP port. Option B is incorrect because containers cannot exist without an image. D. If multiple containers are spawned docker devops certification from the same image then they all use the same copy of image in memory. B. For each service, you can declare the number of tasks you want to run. When you scale up or down, the swarm manager automatically adapts by adding or removing tasks to maintain the desired state.

Installation and Configuration – 15%

The course covers Docker basics, building images with Docker files, creating an application stack using Docker Compose files, basic Docker commands, and Docker Swarm. Lastly, but most importantly, you should plan to consider helpful resources for meaningful research. Through KodeKloud’s practise lesson lectures, you can get an in-depth understanding of the DCA curriculum in a structured schedule. Such lectures also act as great resources to understand various Docker commands, options and tips which often act handy for a thorough understanding of Docker. Ensure that your approach to learning is more practical than theoretical that helps solve real-world problems.

  • C. Because they are using the host networking namespace, two containers are able to bind to the same TCP port.
  • Not only this is the default mode, but eventually will create just only one container in the entire swarm.
  • I had a fantastic learning experience with Simplilearn.
  • A good four weeks following all the instructions by our certified industry experts is all you need to be exam-ready!
  • We make sure to address any real-time challenges our alumni face during their careers through our community platform.
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